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A Little Talk About Fear

Fears with the general acronym definition “ FALSE evidence appearing real”. I started directly with this definition to make you focus on the word FALSE.

However, if it is false why do we have fear so the question is how the fear occurs?

Basically fear is essential for humans which means actually we need to be afraid of somethings. Because fear occurs to be able to survive against dangers in life. So we can say that fears keep us safe. Also, we shouldn’t forget that it is a normal and biological thing that all of us experience in a way.

To explain the “biological” part of it when you recognize fear, your amygdala (a small organ in the center of your brain) goes into action. It alerts your nervous system, triggering your body's fear response. Cortisol and adrenaline are released as stress hormones. Your heart rate and blood pressure rise.

So the second question is when fears are a problem?

When the fears started to affect and make harder of our daily life it’s a problem for us.

But what if we change our fears to faith?

Now I can begin to say actual words that I want about fears and how to overcome them. If I come back to the acronym definition of fear, we know that they are false, then we totally trust that the worst thing will happen even if we don’t have any evidence. For example, when you go outside every time, you are afraid to have a car accident. However, there is nothing that proves you will have a car accident. It is a thing that you trust will happen. You can change the example for yourself.

But faith is the opposite of it. You trust the thing that the BEST thing will happen even if you don’t see any evidence. So think that you believe in the best rather than the worst. When you lay in your bed you think of the best things that will happen, not the worst things.

It can be hard to overcome fear and be faithful now or in a couple of minutes but why can’t you train yourself slowly to have faith, not fear?

Trust the harmony, it will bring you the best.

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