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Herland: A Feminist Utopia

Herland was written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1915. It is about a country without men. Women do all the work themselves, even the reproduction! Until three men set foot in the country nobody questions the rest of the world (they are curious though). In epitome after men's arrival, each person wants to learn what it means to see from the other's point of view, of course, there are enough conflicts to make us see that no gender is superior.

When we read the book, we witness how women lead a life without men, and when three men come to the country, we and the characters question gender and the meaning of this word from both males' and females' points of view. And of course, this book introduces the people of that time to feminism and the fact that women exist as an individual.

Even though it is ahead of its time there are some discrimination issues. Such as racism, sexism, and appearances (all women have a masculine body and a short hair). Also with the sanctity of being a mother, the anti-abortion issue comes to light.

Although Gilman demonstrates the power of women, she ignores race, all women are white since the beginning of their time. In addition to that, since not all of us want to be a mother, it is interesting to see how all women are very eager to be one and see motherhood so sacred that they don't define themselves any other way.

It is unfortunate to see such discriminations take place in the book, especially when dealing with a subject such as feminism. Still, I think Gilman has taken a big step towards embracing the concept of equality when she published this.

Even though Gilman criticizes gender equality the book still is not entirely a key to it, at least in today’s world. Regardless there are good arguments there, it is needed to be discussed further to understand the world and people better. If you want to look at the world from a different perspective, I believe Gilman's Herland will be a good example. We can see the rights and wrongs. If there are any:)

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