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Mansplaining in business:

Mansplaining is when a male explains something to a woman in a way that is seen as patronizing or condescending. This word is formed as a result of the combination of the words man and explain. The New York Times chose this word as the word of the year in 2010. Today, almost every woman is exposed to this behavior. Especially in business.

One of the most common forms of mansplaining in business is male colleagues explaining things to female colleagues that they already know. This can be seen in situations where male colleagues assume that female colleagues are less knowledgeable or less capable than they are. This behavior not only limits the potential of female colleagues but also reinforces the idea that women are less capable than men. Another form of mansplaining in business is male managers talking over female employees in meetings. This can take many forms, from interrupting female employees to dismissing their ideas without consideration. This behavior not only limits the potential of female employees but also deprives the company of the opportunity to benefit from their unique perspectives. A harmful aspect of mansplaining is that it can be incredibly frustrating for women. When a woman is being talked down to, it can feel like her opinions are not valued. This can lead to feelings of frustration, anger, and even depression.

How do men stop being a mansplainer?

The answer is very clear do not do this behavior.

For women who are exposed to this behavior:

Nobody can be superior to you. We take the same lessons as men in school. Realize the power within you. Don't let anyone manipulate you. You came to this position with your knowledge. If you have encountered such a situation, remember that this situation is psychologically made by narcissistic and selfish people. A healthy individual would not do such things anyway. You can give the address of the nearest psychology clinic to the people who do this. Thank you for reading.

Writer: Sima Ekinci

Editor: Pırıl Çaykara

Graphic designer: Eylül Ulu

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