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Learning new things helps the brain to consist of new connections and neurons, as you learn these connections become more powerful. That is, whenever you learn new information, the brain finds a chance to improve itself as if your brain does exercise with little weight. This exercise assists you in improving your focusing qualifications and productivity.

When our aim is to educate and enhance our brain, with thinking exercises, endeavoring to keep active our body also plays an important role concerning to productivity. So, most of the research show us that, when the workers do exercises, they feel themselves happier, more productivity and focusing on their works are easier.

The brain has an elastic structure that it can change in every age. Whatever your age, it is fundamental to educate your brain steadily to keep it active. Educated brain. The trained mind is as important for the productivity in the work life as it is for the tasks in the daily life of the person.

Below, you can find some suggestions regarding the daily thinking exercises which helps you to mobilize your brain and how you strengthen your productivity. Although they are simple, they are effective to direct your life and making you happy.

Listening Music

According to some research listening to music helps people to increase their productivity and cognitive performance. Also, it is asserted that there is a connection between music tempo and productivity.

When you need to focus on a fundamental subject and have to work more intensely, you can prefer the instrumental playing lists which provide you to be more effective. Music will help you to avoid to distract your attention.


You can ask “Meditation can calm me down, but how can it affect my productivity?” If you meditate often, you can calm your mind and manage your emotional impulses. This will allow you to make more controlled decisions. In addition, meditation will help you refocus your attention and therefore increase your productivity.

-Breathing Exercise: Only sit comfortably, close your eyes to focus on your work and breathe. In this routine, it is necessary to count you breathe. Take breathe as 4 second and give breathe as 4 second and repeat this loop 5 minutes every day.

-Meditation with Guide: Relax by listening carefully to the voice of a narrator explaining to you how the mind behaves during meditation. Also, follow your narrator's instructions and take a short break with meditation during the day, paying attention to your breathing.


If meditation isn't a good way for you, taking a nap in a day may be a better option. As noted in Harvard Health Publishing's "Napping may not be such a no-no" article, taking a nap can help you be productive both at work and at home. Another benefit of napping is that it improves your problem-solving skills. Harvard sleep researcher Robert Stickgold has discovered that taking a nap improves your ability to distinguish important information from irrelevant details. The duration of the nap you take in a day is very important. Ideally, you should sleep between 20-30 minutes. If you sleep for more than 30 minutes, you may experience sleep inertia and a feeling of fatigue after waking up. Also try sleeping in a quiet, dark and cool room.

Playing Mind-Building Games

One of the benefits of mind and brain-related games is that it triggers various parts of the brain responsible for functions such as short-term memory, attention, and information processing. When it comes to brain teasers and every time you notice an improvement in your performance, challenge yourself by playing a more complex game. We can divide brain games into two as puzzle and maze games and word and logic games. Since the brain uses each hemisphere for various functions, whichever of these game types you choose will help you a lot.

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