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Ponyo: A Heartwarming Animated Movie

If Ponyo, the film, were a word it would be magical. The movie is about a little boy and his new fish friend, who later becomes a little girl, and their journey. The reason why I used magical is that the animation techniques, visuals, and colors draw the audience.

Everything starts with Ponyo's curiosity about "humanity" when she meets Sosuke. Their friendship begin after they help each other. Sosuke rescues her from the glass jar and Ponyo heals his wound. Meanwhile, Ponyo’s father tries to take her back home because he hates humans, even though he is one of them. So she runs away from his father because she wants to be with the humans in fact, she wants to be one. His father catches Ponyo and takes her home, but now that she wants to experience what it means to be human, she creates her own limbs and returns to Sosuke.

Of course, it doesn't end there, as Ponyo disturbs the natural balance by becoming a human, a storm breaks out, and the town floods. Sosuke and Ponyo embark on an adventure to save Sosuke's mother who works in the help center where they take care of the elders.

One of the most inspiring things I saw watching Ponyo is seeing, Ponyo learning how to be human. Her interests like having arms and legs and doing things such as walking, eating with hands experiencing humans, and her reactions when she learned a new thing made me feel like a little kid again.

Because as we grow up, we gradually lose our imagination and curiosity about life and all. Therefore; witnessing Ponyo and her interest in humanity reminded me how nurturing and beneficial it is to wonder. Also, another thing I can't go without mentioning is love. Although, it is a fact that not everyone is so loving in reality, I have experienced this feeling as much as it can be experienced on the screen in the movie as everyone loves someone(s).

Although its target audience seems to be children, it is an animation that people of all ages can watch and enjoy. I think that this is mostly because of the approach of the characters to each other and the fact that everyone accepts each other as they are which is needed but not usual to experience.

If you want to feel warm and cozy with beautiful visuals and sweetness, I definitely recommend you give Ponyo a chance!

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